My paintings are an ongoing narrative exploring the marking of time, and the space in-between. As individuals, how do we define this element of being?

Drawing from references to mythology and biology, I build a visual language that is multi layered and repetitive, seeking to render in form that which is inherently intangible.

To experience the work is an investment, a quiet time, a conversation that will continue to evolve because of time.



minute in detail...



in the making...

Time is a central component to my painting process. From the concept to the execution, each piece takes many months to complete. Technically challenging because of the amount of detail, each piece becomes a journey unto itself, a personal Odysseus.

I paint freehand. No projections or stencils are employed. My tools are varied and sometimes unconventional, ranging from tiny detailing brushes, porcupine quills, insulin needles and syringes. Recently, I have begun to experiment with light refraction, adhering minute crystals to the canvas, another level of complexity.

To me the challenge is to create a work that is chameleonic, transitional, changing depending on when and how it is viewed. My experience also changes: there is a time during creation when the painting finds its voice and becomes the navigator, often changing course to reach the end. That is never my decision, the end.